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Drainage Cleaning & Plumbing Services in Pickering

A high quality plumbing company in Pickering, A&V Drain has been servicing the community for over seven years. The family-owned and operated business offers waterproofing, drain repair, unclogging services and drain cleaning in Pickering and surrounding areas. A free estimate conducted by an expert licensed and certified technician is provided for each job request.

Other Services We Offer

Along with a professional team that provides drain cleaning services in Pickering, we also take on projects that only come along once in a great while. Does your home have a sump pump? These pumps are used to remove water that collects in low points of the home. Many houses with basements include a pump that helps keep the space dry during the rainy season.

Perhaps you are thinking of enhancing your home plumbing system by adding a backwater valve. These valves help to prevent water from flowing back into your system from storm and sanitary drains. While the greatest potential for backwater to occur is during a flood, any problem that would overwhelm the city water system could lead to this problem.

Maybe you are thinking of adding a new bathroom. If so, how will the pipes connect with your current home plumbing? Our team can consult with you and come up with a plan that protects the integrity of your plumbing and minimizes the potential for lowering the water pressure.

In fact, we can help with plumbing inspections in a number of scenarios. If you are thinking of updating the system, our team of plumbers in Pickering can identify ways to do so. When the plan is to sell the home, we can conduct an inspection and determine any defect that you want to repair before placing the property on the market.

Plumbing Service in Pickering

From sump pump installation to leaky pipe repair, the knowledgeable technicians at A&V Drain are able to address any issues with drain service in Pickering. Unclogging sinks and toilets, conducting video camera inspections and repairing leaky faucets are some of the company’s specialties. Emergency plumbing needs and drainage systems cleaning in Pickering are welcome, with same day and same night services available. Live operators are available to answer calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Customer Respect and Care

Each technician’s care is guaranteed through A&V Drain, as is customer satisfaction. Customers receive prompt, courteous service including up-front prices and returning customer discounts. Discounts are also provided for seniors. Each job is priced by service rendered rather than time to help avoid unnecessary costs and time. Customers are also given tips to help maintain their plumbing system safety by service technicians as well as the company website.

Whether you need basic drain repairs or replacements, troubleshooting with fixtures, or some type of comprehensive overhaul of your home plumbing system, we can help. Call us today and schedule an appointment. Feel free to ask our plumbing expert any questions you like or discuss any type of plumbing issues you are facing. Rest assured our team will take good care of you and make sure everything is done responsibly and efficiently.