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As a leading plumbing company in Mississauga, the team at A&V Drain is your one-stop-shop for all things plumbing in the city. We have been working in and around the ‘saug for over a decade and have the experience and expertise to handle any plumbing emergency, big or small. With our suite of plumbing services, the team at is uniquely set up to help. We are proud to offer services ranging from sump pump repair to assisting with drain repair in Mississauga, and everything in between! Plus, with our team, no matter the job, we will make sure to spend the time to ensure it is done right. Unlike the other guys, all of the employees at A&V Drain are red seal certified and have been on the job for years. If you are looking for stellar plumbing and drain work from the experts in Mississauga, then it is about time that you called A&V Drain!

What Our Customers Say About Us

They were able to come out the same day to help me with my issue. They arrived at the expected time and was very personable and kind in helping me with the plumbing issue that was going on, and it ended up being an issue with my master bathroom’s shower. I appreciate their professionalism and knowledge. If you ever need the best plumber in Etobicoke, I recommend A&V Drain.


John Otero

I cannot say enough about A&V Drain. their customer service is great, the crew are always prompt, professional and more importantly perform excellently. I have used A&V Drain for sump pump installation for over two years now and will continue to use them.


Madeline Garcia

Father and son team are very responsive, knowledgeable and fair when it comes to price. We have hired them to handle a number of different jobs (sewer back up, clogged drains, install new plumbing) and projects (replaced all water and sewer pipes) over the past 6 years. Even when late in the evening, they have come out to solve the problem and calm us down. We appreciate them greatly!


Eva Lehman

Very nice, professional, clean, and in terms of price, VERY REASONABLE compare to other companies. I am so Glad i found them and i would definitely recommend Andriy, his dad and his company. go for it and dont even think twice. Many thanks guys.


Peyvand Manavipour

A&V give me a hand whenever I need drain cleaning or drain repairs. Thank you a lot for being there for me.


Latoya E

24/ 7 Emergency Plumber in Mississauga

As one of the few emergency plumbers in Mississauga, the team at A&V Drain is ready to help with our personal touch. Our emergency plumbing services are all about quick response time and making sure the repair is done right. If you are experiencing any of the following, it is about time that you called the experts at A&V:

  • Significant Flooding
  • A burst or leaking pipe
  • Frozen pipes
  • An overflowing toilet
  • A significant clogged drain
  • Hot water issues or;
  • Sewage smells

When you call our team, one of our dispatchers will be able to walk you through the steps to take before our plumber arrives. This may include shutting off your water, addressing small leaks, starting to clean up a little and shutting down your water heater. Once we arrive on-site, our qualified plumber will survey the situation, communicate what is going on, and start the fix. It is that simple, and with A&V plumbing, we will have your home back to normal in no time.

Our Services

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Licensed & Experienced Plumbers in Toronto

Drain Services

For the team at A&V Drain, we want to do more than sell you a drain service; we want you to understand the situation and provide you with a sensible solution that will meet your budget, and last for years to come. We are a professional outfit that has been completing drain repair in Mississauga for more than a decade, and we cannot wait to help you out with your next drain service or drain repair. Below you can find a little more about the various drain services in Mississauga that we offer.

General Plumbing Services

When it comes to general plumbing, our team is one of the best in the industry. All of our team are certified plumbers here in Mississauga and can handle a wide variety of needs that you might have. Although we are the experts in drain repair in Mississauga, our fully certified plumbers can handle a wide variety of general plumbing services. From installing and running new lines for your new basement to handling that leaky faucet that seems never to stop dripping, our team is here for you.

Clogged Drain Repair

Are you dealing with a clogged drain in Mississauga? Well, it is about time that you called the real experts at A&V Drain to help you out. We do more than just snake the drain and call it a day. Instead, our certified plumbers will find the source of the problem and show you how to prevent it. Whether we are dealing with a tree root that has started to cause an issue or something simple like hair or grease, we can eradicate and help you prevent it from happening again. This personal touch is how we go the extra mile and help ensure that our clients do not need to call the drain experts in again for a preventable issue!

Drain Camera Inspection

Sometimes you can’t see an issue with the naked eye, and that is where the drain camera inspection comes in. This modern piece of tech allows our certified plumbers to get a better view of the issue that is plaguing your drain all through a pinhole size camera that can stretch the entirety of your house! From one end to the other, our drain camera will be able to identify issues and potential future problems before they start to wreak havoc on your system. This will allow us to find a solution that will get rid of the problem for good rather than just a patchwork job that some of the other guys might suggest for your drain repair.

Sewer Pipe Cleaning

From your home drain to your sewer drain, the team at A&V Drain has fixed it all. Sewer drain work is especially challenging here in Mississauga, but for our team, we are seasoned experts. Whether it is having to secure the right permits to get access or simply utilizing our sewer camera inspection methods, our team can complete your sewer drain repair with ease.


With the winters we have in Mississauga, waterproofing is one of the essential services we offer at A&V Drain. This service allows our plumbers to complete waterproofing of your foundation, repair cracks or leaks and even help prevent weeping tile breakage. Consider this preventative maintenance on the most important part of your home, your foundation.

Back-water valve installation

A backwater valve can be the difference between a floor of sewage covering your basement and not. No, we are not kidding, and for many homes in Mississauga, they do not even have a backwater valve! These handy valves help prevent sewer backups which can be an issue here in the GTA. Be protected and enjoy some peace of mind once A&V Drain professionally install your very own backwater valve!

Why Choose Us?

For the team at A&V Drain, the proof is in our craftsmanship, education and stellar customer service. We started out doing drain repair and drain inspections, and today, our little drain team has blossomed into a full-blown plumbing company.

All of our plumbers are fully certified and have been working in the industry for years. From our drain repair teams to those who are tackling emergency calls, everyone at A&V Darin is an expert plumber.

With over ten years of experience on the front lines, we know our stuff, and we pass this knowledge to our clients. From education to tips to help prevent future issues, we want to help you and your home be protected for life.

We have always wanted to give our clients the best service possible, and it is part of the reason that we skip the phone tree and allow our clients to talk to our dispatch. Plus, we offer some of the best rates in the GTA and provide an additional 10% off for seniors and 20% off for return customers. We value you as a customer, and no matter if we are completing a drain repair in Mississauga or an emergency repair in the dead of night, we are there for you.

Call us today and join the hundreds of happy clients when you trust A&V with your plumbing, waterproofing, drain repair and emergency plumbing services!

A&V Drain charges per job, not per hour. We believe in being paid to solve problems and not for the time it takes to identify them.


  1. So, you Provide 24/7 Emergency Plumbing Service in Mississauga? Yes, we are your one-stop-shop for emergency plumbing services from drain repair to frozen pipes, and everything in between.
  2. How Can I Request a Service? You can either call 416-689-7626 and chat with one of our incredible live operators or book an appointment online!
  3. Are Free Quotes is Available? Yes! Visit our quote page to fill out your information and one of our backend staff will give you a call or email within 24 hours. If it is an emergency, please call 416-689-7626.
  4. Are there any discounts available? We have some of the best rates in the GTA! Plus, we offer seniors 10% off and return clients 20% off all services.
  5. Should I pay for hours or only when the job is done? We offer upfront and accurate job pricing. Unlike other companies, we do not charge by the hour.
  6. Do you provide waterproofing services? Yes, we provide a wide range of waterproofing services. Check out our waterproofing page for more information by clicking here.
  7. Which Payments Options are Available? We accept all major credit cards and cash for payment.
  8. Which areas do you serve? We serve Mississauga, Brampton, Etobicoke, Markham, North York, Oakville, Pickering, Richmond Hill, Whitby and Woodbridge

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