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Plumbing Services in Markham

The premier provider of plumbing service in Markham, A&V Drain is your one stop shop for all plumbing needs. From sink unclogging to valve repair, waterproofing to drain cleaning, there is no job too large or too small in both the commercial and public sectors. With free quotes, discounts and guarantees, the drain company in Markham puts customers first.

Depending on the type of drain cleaning in Markham that is needed, we will use methods that seem familiar to you. That includes using a plumber’s snake to reach into the drain and extract the clog. We may also use resources that allow us to break up the drain so the pieces will flow through the plumbing and away from home.

In some cases, we will use high pressure water jetting to remove the clog. This approach loosens the clog by dissolving part of the materials and forcing it out of your plumbing and into the main system.

Our use of video camera technology allows us to determine the type of clog that is blocking the drain and know which method would be most effective. That allows us to take care of the problem faster and ensure you have the best possible results.

Drain Repair in Markham

Sump pump installations, leaky pipes and clogged toilets are specialties for this A&V drain company in Markham. Repairs can be made during the same day as well as the same night as needed. Expert, on call technicians who are both certified and licensed can answer questions, provide free inspections and do not charge customers a thing until after services are rendered. Calls are taken 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

As with cleanings, our team will use the latest in technology to determine what is happening in your drains. If there is the need to replace sections of pipe or even the drain itself, we will quickly diagnose the problem and talk with you about what needs to be done. At all times, we respect your decision about whether to replace a drain or to attempt a drain repair in Markham. In order to support you, our team will make sure you have all the information necessary to make a choice that is right for you.

Expert Customer Service

Aside from drainage systems cleaning in Markham, A&V offers specialty customer service, including discounts for senior citizens and returning customers. Customers are provided with tips and expert advice to maintain healthy drain systems, and services are only billed by job, not by the hour. Whether customers require video inspections or drain cleaning in Markham, A&V can provide the top quality care they deserve. Satisfaction is guaranteed.