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Drain Repair & Plumbing Services in Etobicoke

The premier provider for drain cleaning in Etobicoke, A&V Drain is a family-owned and operated company. A&V Drain has been providing plumbing services in Etobicoke for seven years. Their tried and true formula is simple: Service clients with quality, professional repair and collect fees only after the job is done. Customers are charged by job and not by the hour as A&V believes that respecting clients includes not charging them for diagnostic time.

Drain Repair in Etobicoke

Whether it is weatherproofing, home inspections, drain repair or plumbing, A&V Drain has certified, licensed technicians ready to do the job. A&V Drain provides emergency draining cleaning services in Etobicoke as well, ensuring that customers receive support and meet their building codes 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Same day and same night service is available for those who need it.

Courteous Support and Respect

What sets A&V Drain apart from other draining clearing services in Etobicoke is the company’s high standards of customers satisfaction. Respect for both the customer as well as the property are the company’s first and foremost concerns. No other plumbing company in Etobicoke offers special rates for seniors and returning customers, a live operator for support and up-front pricing while giving customers peace of mind.

What Else We Offer

Our team at A&V Drain is always happy to help you with any type of drain repair in Etobicoke. If some other type of plumbing issue is taking place, we will be there and ready to resolve it as quickly as possible. Along with cleaning, repairing, and replacing drains, we also offer:

Sump Pump Installation and Repair: If your old pump is no longer working efficiently, our team will find out what is wrong. When the pump can be repaired, our team will provide a quote and go over what you can expect in terms of future performance. If the cost of repairs will be prohibitive, our team can talk with you about the cost of purchasing and installing a new one. Thanks to our experience with sump pumps, we can help you choose one that is perfect for your home.

Tree Root Removal: Roots that have invaded your plumbing can wreak havoc in more than one way. We have the equipment and the skill to successfully remove those roots and make any repairs that are needed. Whether the problem is uncovered during a routine drain repair or because of some other type of plumbing inspection, rest assured we will know what to do.

Locating Pipes Before You Landscape: Are you sure where the plumbing lines run? That’s information you need to know before starting on a landscaping project. Among the plumbing services in Etobicoke that we offer is the ability to find the entire layout for your home plumbing lines. That will ensure you don’t have someone dig in a spot that leads to ruptured pipes or damaged septic tanks.

Whatever type of plumbing concern you have, call us today. Together, we will determine what is happening, come up with a solution, and ensure you are protected every step of the way.