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Backwater Valve Installation

If you require professional plumbing services for drain and sewer cleaning and repair in your home or business, you made a right choice to visit our website. A&V Drain provides a wide range of services for all drains in your home.

Get up to $1250 in tax rebates on BACKWATER VALVE INSTALLATION

Backwater valve installation will help to protect your plumbing system against a backflow of water from sanitary and storm drain pipes. Drain pipes are at risk of having city sewer water backup the drain during times of flooding caused by such events like extreme weather conditions. These backups can not only be health hazards but are also at times a major disaster in terms of water damage, and can be very costly to repair. One of the most effective ways to prevent against the problem of sewer backup is to install what is referred to as a backwater valve; this is a valve which is specifically designed to prevent your home against sewer backup through your drain pipe. There exist rebates provided by the City of Toronto to assist with the cost associated with the installation of some backwater valves.
Backwater Valve Installation, Toronto


Clogged drains can cause a lot of hair-pulling, fist-clenching, and teeth-grinding! But fear not – there are numerous techniques you can use to clean a drain! Some of these simply require normal household items, while others may need specific tools, such as a plunger. You can use these techniques at your own discretion, but for best results, we recommend contacting a plumber ( Such as A&V DRAIN CORP!)


When first tackling a clogged drain, it is important to try to use the standard methods before spending a lot of money on a tool that you will probably use only once or twice. The first step is to use home remedies. You should be able to unclog most blockages with a simple plunger. Another technique is to use a saltwater solution. This will prevent horrific odors from creeping up and can keep grease from building up in the drains. This is more of a preventative measure one should take after performing a drain cleaning.

Backwater Valve Installation, actual project
Plumbing Tools
A mechanical snake is one of the most effective drain cleaning tools around. It can be pushed down into the drainage system to clear any clogs that have been lodged into the pipe. One method that a lot of people employ when using a mechanical snake is to push the clog down and then use a garden hose on full blast to get rid of any excess mess.



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