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Sewer Drain Repair Toronto

If you require professional plumbing services for drain and sewer cleaning and repair in your home or business, you made a right choice to visit our website. A&V Drain provides a wide range of services for all drains in your home.

Why Drain Repair and Service Matters

Drain cleaning services are more than a convenience. Clogged drains can disrupt your daily routine quite a bit. Along with being unable to use a sink, shower, or toilet, there’s the possibility of damage to your plumbing system. Depending on what is in the clog, it could weaken a section of pipe and pave the way for a breakdown later on. That could lead to damage to the home or your belongings. If you take care of the drain repairs immediately, you avoid the risk of more serious issues later on.


• Clearing clogged drains
• Drain snaking
• Tree roots removal
• High pressure water jetting
• Video camera inspection of pipes and drains
• Installing, repairing and maintaining drains
• Pipeline locating prior to renovation or landscaping projects
• Grease tank installation
Back-water valve installation   read more ..>>
Sump Pump installation   read more ..>>
• Sewage Pump installation
• Catch Basin installation, replacement, repair
• Floor drain installation (back flow preventer)

Drain Video Camera Inspection & Repair Toronto

A Word About Over the Counter Drain Cleaners

You may be tempted to try an over the counter drain cleaning products. While these products are effective in some cases, choosing the right one is trickier than you may think. If you read the labels carefully, you will find that some of them are only recommended for use with tub drains and not for kitchen or bathroom sink drains.

Along with the usage recommendations from the manufacturer, you may not know what type of materials are used for your plumbing. Perhaps there is a combination of plastic as well as different metal components. Unless you are sure what sort or plumbing parts are in use, there’s no way to know for sure if one of the over the counter drain cleaners will work, or if they could damage the pipes. Your best bet is to stick with the suggestions listed above. If they don’t work, you need help from a pro.


Clogged drains can cause a lot of hair-pulling, fist-clenching, and teeth-grinding! But fear not – there are numerous techniques you can use to clean a drain! Some of these simply require normal household items, while others may need specific tools, such as a plunger. You can use these techniques at your own discretion, but for best results, we recommend contacting a plumber ( Such as A&V DRAIN CORP!)


When first tackling a clogged drain, it is important to try to use the standard methods before spending a lot of money on a tool that you will probably use only once or twice. The first step is to use home remedies. You should be able to unclog most blockages with a simple plunger. Another technique is to use a saltwater solution. This will prevent horrific odors from creeping up and can keep grease from building up in the drains. This is more of a preventative measure one should take after performing a drain cleaning.


Our specialty is emergency main drain service.
If you have flood in your basement due to a clogged drain, we can help. Should you need help with a sewer drain repair in Toronto, we know what to do. Our experienced and certified drain technicians will solve your drain problem quickly while offering you the highest-quality service available. Also, A&V Drain Corp. offers free estimate for any drain service and our technicians will be ready to begin your drain service that same day.

If you have an emergency drain back up, call the experts at A&V Drain Corp. for a fast effective solution.
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