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If you require professional plumbing services for drain and sewer cleaning and repair in your home or business, you made a right choice to visit our website. A&V Drain provides a wide range of services for all drains in your home.

What Our Customers Say About Us

They were able to come out the same day to help me with my issue. They arrived at the expected time and was very personable and kind in helping me with the plumbing issue that was going on, and it ended up being an issue with my master bathroom’s shower. I appreciate their professionalism and knowledge. If you ever need the best plumber in Etobicoke, I recommend A&V Drain.


John Otero

I cannot say enough about A&V Drain. their customer service is great, the crew are always prompt, professional and more importantly perform excellently. I have used A&V Drain for sump pump installation for over two years now and will continue to use them.


Madeline Garcia

Father and son team are very responsive, knowledgeable and fair when it comes to price. We have hired them to handle a number of different jobs (sewer back up, clogged drains, install new plumbing) and projects (replaced all water and sewer pipes) over the past 6 years. Even when late in the evening, they have come out to solve the problem and calm us down. We appreciate them greatly!


Eva Lehman

Very nice, professional, clean, and in terms of price, VERY REASONABLE compare to other companies. I am so Glad i found them and i would definitely recommend Andriy, his dad and his company. go for it and dont even think twice. Many thanks guys.


Peyvand Manavipour

A&V give me a hand whenever I need drain cleaning or drain repairs. Thank you a lot for being there for me.


Latoya E

Drain Repair and Plumbing Services in Burlington

Plumbing is essential to the health of your home. You need fresh water to drink, cook, bathe, clean your clothes, clean your home and more. Should anything go wrong with your plumbing, you may be without that essential water to take care of yourself and your home. Prolonged outages can jeopardize your health and the sanitation of your home.

Some plumbing issues can also jeopardize the health of your home. A burst pipe can dump hundreds of gallons of water on your floors and in your walls, costing you thousands of dollars in repairs. That water damage can compromise the strength of the structure and can promote the growth of hazardous mold and mildew.

A&V Drain Corp. can repair your plumbing system quickly to minimize those damages and restore your access to the fresh water you need. We provide emergency plumbing services as well as routine maintenance in Burlington and the surrounding area. We cover everything from drain cleaning to sewer repair.

Drain repair can cover a number of issues in your plumbing system. Our professionals can fix leaks in your drain or pipes, such as by connecting or repairing the joints or by replacing aging and broken pipes. After the work is finished, we'll waterproof your pipes to make sure the problem won't happen again.

We can also clear clogged drains that can back up your system. You may be surprised to learn what professional drain cleaning can do for your system. While you might think that you need extensive plumbing repair, your real problem may simply be clogged drains.

Our professional plumbing experts can also clean and repair your sewer or septic system.

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A&V Drain Corp. knows that plumbing problems don't happen on a schedule. Our team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to repair your plumbing as emergencies arise. We'll get to your home or office as quickly as possible to fix the problem and get you back up and running again. When you are surrounded by sewage or are without access to clean water, we know that every minute counts. We'll work quickly to restore your system.

For sewer repair and drain cleaning, Burlington residents know to call A&V Drain Corp. We have been performing drain repair in Burlington for many years, and we have earned a reputation for professional service and high-quality workmanship. Our loyal customers know that they can trust the work we do, and they can count on us to perform it quickly.

If you are in need of Burlington drain repair services, call A&V Drain Corp. today. We'll provide a free, on-site estimate for any work you need, whether it's a small job like unclogging a toilet or it's a bigger, emergency job like fixing a broken pipe that is pumping out gallons of water on your floor. We'll treat every job like it's important because it is. Your home relies on a healthy plumbing system, and we'll see to it that yours stays in top shape.

A&V Drain charges per job, not per hour. We believe in being paid to solve problems and not for the time it takes to identify them.


Our specialty is emergency main drain service.

If you have flood in your basement due to a clogged drain, we can help. Our experienced and certified drain technicians will solve your drain problem quickly while offering you the highest-quality service available. Also, A&V Drain Corp. offers free estimate for any drain service and our technicians will be ready to begin your drain service that same day.

If you have an emergency drain back up, call the experts at A&V Drain Corp. for a fast effective solution. Call us at 289-270-0341 to get drain technician in less than 1 hour at your home.

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